Enlightened democracy is a social process, which will empower the individuals with power of knowledge and awareness of the unity of all, while bringing understanding of oneness of life with a higher cosmic mind, which one must progressively explore by creative engagement in pursuit for meaning of life. Its main goal is to engage people to participate, and take the responsibility in building a society where wisdom and compassion will prevail over ignorance and greed which belong to less evolved mind. It envisions a political process where local civic organs (civil societies), voluntary organizations and individuals desiring to build an enlightened democracy, will be the main force in mobilizing the knowledge and resources which may be needed to empower the population with the instruments of building an enlightened world.

Its foundation is based on the ideas of «enlightened knowledge», «enlightened moral», «enlightened freedom and meaning» and «enlightened awareness» about the nature of the self and human possibilities. It sets focus on education, information and orientations of values directed towards a  more compassionate society where every life is an opportunity to interact with the amazing wonder of the living and the non-ling world. Its dream is to uplift the ignorant world and guide people to see the greater domains of living beyond the primary needs. It sees the possibilities of evolution for all towards a higher stage and bring social revolution which will uplift all.

Beyond the freedom from hunger, exploitations and ignorance, it seeks to free human beings from the shackles of the market forces, which may try to deprive human beings of  their spiritual essence. Enlightened  democracy is a force to counteract the development of democracy which is able to manipulate ignorance and weakness of people by using power of money, technology, media and marketing forces.


Proper knowledge of the physical, biological and spiritual world is the backbone of an enlightened society. The knowledge of one`s surrounding and environment and the possible ways of integrating oneself with it in order to find means of subsistence for oneself and the community to which one belongs is the first priority of education. Beyond this primary necessity the knowledge and information about the physical nature of the world and the psychological aspects of the mind and will which may bring freedom to engage and participate in changing one`s conditions of life is the other main elements of education. The knowledge which aims at building views, visions and values conducive to the development of an enlightened society, is the main goal of an enlightened education. It focuses on the knowledge of the nature and cosmos, and the paths of self-realization through creative pursuits. Beyond scientific and rational analysis of the world, the enlightened education seeks to guide people in harnessing a greater power of the mind which remains hidden in a realm one may call spiritual or cosmic mind. Enlightened education will empower people with the ability to choose a progressive path of evolution based on the views and visions of the enlightened society. This education will be free for all.


Culture at all levels, involving individuals and groups to communities and nations, express the creative abilities of the human mind to process, organize and assemble elements of reality in a manner which reflects the inner power of creation which is less developed in less evolved life. Innovation, imagination and creativity are central elements of all cultures. Enlightened culture represents the higher expression of the mind in the form of architectures, handicrafts, art works, music, literature, and songs and dances among others. The ways people perceive their reality and attaches meaning to the forces, with which they interact daily for their survival and security, and create representation of the world through their imaginations, give birth to a realm of belief and faith. Culture acts as a common ground where such beliefs and faiths find recognition and acceptance. Enlightened culture guides human beings to choose the more evolved expressions of human mind, which transcends ignorance, prejudices and superstition of less evolved minds. Enlightened culture has a universal appeal across boundaries of individuals, groups, communities and nations. The enlightened society seeks to build the ground of creativity where such universal culture will flourish.


Life has given everybody an opportunity to experience a world of amazing wonder where plants, animals and humans are all seeking security, protection, and development and self-fulfillment in innumerable varied ways. The environment, in which one is born, decides the first conditions which determine the economic reality of one`s life. Economy basically means availability of means by which one can secure one`s life against needs and necessities of survival, and protect oneself and one`s progenies against predators, threatening natural phenomena, as well as diseases. The economic freedom, which may give choices of availing the resources existing nearby, is another vital aspect which decides the conditions of life for people. When such resources are restricted by the rights of ownership by others the enlightened economy will try to remedy such situation.

Enlightened economy wishes to empower people with rights of ownership of natural resources and the means by which life can be protected from predators, natural forces and diseases. Lands, seas and air, on which life is intimately dependent for its survival and growth will be owned by the people. The innovations and services which can secure life from natural danger and dangers for health will also belong to the people. All knowledge and information related to the basic needs for survival and health will be freely accessible to all without any form of discrimination. The access to health care will be free for all. The quality of life one may enjoy will mainly depend on the way people will engage in one`s own personal development and the development of the community at large. However, everybody will enjoy equal opportunities to pursue education and self-development.

Enlightened education is an integral part of an enlightened economy. Therefore the civic-organs, voluntary organizations and educational institutions who can promote enlightened education at different levels of the society, will be under the guidance of the enlightened people, who is motivated in building a compassionate society for all. The main basis of building an enlightened economy is creativity, and innovation and economic measures which may generate more power of creativity and innovation in people, and thus stimulate them to build a society where collaboration will triumph over competition. In such a society education will be designed in a way where creative people, bearing values of cooperation and the desire to build a warmer society, where human beings will assist each other without claiming monetary and material rewards, will lead the economic life of the society.

Finally, an enlightened economy by all means will get rid off the technological developments, which threaten to alien human beings from the living world and the spiritual nature of life. All who will produce things which can destroy the biosystem, or build killing machines of wars, will be seen as enemies of an enlightened economy.


Quality of life will not depend only on the economic security and success, but also in finding meaning in what one works with, and the opportunities of freedom for self-realization. Enlightened society will provide opportunities of leisure and free-time when people may engage in exploring other dimensions of living outside the economic activities. Most important will be the home where one may find peace and harmony of life amidst care and love of the nearest ones. Enlightened living will be based on sharing, caring and loving without any economic transaction involved in these relations. Besides the warm emotional life, the enlightened society will create opportunities to enjoy the nearness of the living world through contacts with plants and animals and the mystery and beauty of life. Free access to nature which can brig mental healing will be vital aspects of an enlightened living. Entertainments and games, which may help people to master the skill to handle the challenges of physical and emotional life, will also strengthen the foundation of an enlightened living.